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Spark Accelerator provides tailored support for high-achieving USC startups and founders as they learn, build, and iterate.

Applications Open Summer 2020
Our Services
We take 5 USC start-ups each semester and help them scale their businesses.
By providing mentorship, student talent, networking opportunities, and funding, Spark Accelerator helps start-ups reach their next milestone.
We help talented students apply their skills on real projects.
By learning about your interests, we find opportunities at our startups where you can grow your skillset by working on real, impactful projects.
Current Companies
Atomus has developed 3-D printing focused encryption technology that protects the intellectual property of their customers. They have attained contracts with the military to license their tech. Learn more at www.atomus.com
Instant Defense provides lawyers with software that finds recently arrested individuals. Their software delivers the best criminal defense leads, complete with contact and demographic information. Their software utilizes ML to learn overtime what individuals look like. Learn more at www.instantdefense.ai
Plink is developing a mobile app that makes it easy to split payments at restaurants. They’re doing this through NFC stickers and a mobile app that integrates with restaurant POS systems. Learn more at www.paywithplink.com

Dennis Yu

USC Marshall School of Business

Matthew Manos

USC Iovine and Young Academy

Dan Wadhwani

USC Lloyd Greif Center for Entrepreneurial Studies

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